How to hide the chat widget on specific website pages

SendinBlue makes it possible to disable the chat widget on some pages.

To do so, you need to add the following line to your Sendinblue Tracker, as shown in the image below

window.sib.display_chat = 0;

You may need to ask your web developer to do this configuration, which should only take a few minutes.


In this way, you can control the chat widget visibility using the window.sib.display_chat variable. To display the chat widget, you should provide a 1 value (default value) and to hide it on a specific page, set window.sib.display_chat to 0.

You can locate the Sendinblue tracker from the Chat by clicking on Settings > Integration.

Good to know: If you choose to install the Marketing Automation feature using the Wordpress or Prestashop plugin, it is not yet possible to hide the chat widget on specific pages.