Add additional user(s) to your account


Whether you are a marketing agency managing multiple clients, an enterprise with small/large teams, or a business owner requiring separate access for developers working on integration, you can collaborate with your team by inviting them to access your account without sharing your account credentials.

Good to know:   This feature is available for Premium and Enterprise plans. Compare plans here. 
1. If your account is on Premium or Enterprise plan, you can add up to two (2) additional users to your account at no extra cost. If you need more users please contact your account manager.
2. All additional users can access everything except account management details, like user access, billing, plan selection, and payment information.

Invite people to access your account

1. Navigate to My Plan and click on Users on the leftmost panel or you can navigate from rightmost top user's menu. 


2. Click on the Invite a user button.


3. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite and select the features in which you want them to have access to and click the Invite button to confirm.

For example, if you select Email campaigns and under contacts create, edit, delete then your invited user will be able to create, edit, schedule, suspend the campaign and will be able to manage the contacts and the values of the attributes associated with the contacts.

If you only want to allow them to create/edit the Email/SMS campaign but not schedule or suspend the campaigns, you should provide only create/edit delete permission but not the schedule or suspend the campaigns.


4. An invite email will then be sent to the email address you entered.


5.  If the invited user does not already have a Sendinblue account, upon accepting the invitation, the user will be taken to the Sendinblue account creation page.  After creating their own Sendinblue account, they will be able to accept your invite and access your account.


If the invited user's email address is already associated with a separate Sendinblue account, upon accepting your invitation the user will be asked to log in using their own credentials.  The user will then be asked to join your account.


6. The user may then switch between accounts as desired or needed.





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