Connect to multiple Sendinblue accounts


Account owners with a Premium or Enterprise plan can invite multiple team members to access their account.

Each user can be part of and access multiple accounts, provided they are invited by the account owners. Switching between accounts is easy using a single login.

In this guide, we will explain how you can:

  1. Connect to multiple accounts
  2. Manage connected accounts
  3. Switch between accounts

Good to know: Multiple user account access is only available for Premium and Enterprise plans.

1. Connect to multiple accounts

When an account owner invites you to access their account, you receive an invitation email like the one below.


Click on the Accept your invitation button on the email to accept the invite. This will take you to the Sendinblue login page.

If you already have an active Sendinblue account, simply log in with your existing credentials.

After you log in, you will be asked to confirm and Join an account.



Good to know: No one else may access your account until you have invited them to do so. Even if you have been invited to access another user's account, accepting their invitation does not allow them to see your other Sendinblue accounts or activity.

If you don't have a Sendinblue account, you will be asked to create one. It's free!


Just click on the Get started button and voila! You are now connected to this account. You may be connected to any number of accounts you are part of.

2. Manage connected accounts

You can view all the accounts you are connected to on the My Profile page.  Navigate to the My Profile page by clicking on the account name on the top right corner of your screen and then clicking on your email address in the drop-down.

From the My Profile page, click on the Connected accounts tab to see all connected accounts.

You may also choose to leave any account if you no longer want or need access to it.



Good to know: The users who are having the permission to manage the users, they will see the Users menu in the left panel and should be able to invite and manage the permission on users.

3. Switch between accounts 

Switching between accounts is easy. Click on the account name in the top right corner of the screen and click on Switch account from the drop-down.

From the list, choose the name of the desired account and you will be taken to that account.


Good to know: The permission of access given to you for each account may differ and you will only be able to view data and perform actions according to the access level provided by each of the connected account's owner. Learn more here.

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