Personalize your email with contact attributes

To use this feature, please ensure your default settings are set to use the SendinBlue Template Language. Reference this guide to check or update your settings, or learn how to convert your old emails here. 


You can easily personalize emails with any contact attributes that you store in your SendinBlue contact list. Personalization may be applied to your: 

  1. email subject line
  2. sender "from" name
  3. the body of your email

Good to know: Contact attributes are data fields that are stored about your contacts within your SendinBlue contact list. Like column headers in a spreadsheet, your attribute names describe each type of information you save about your contacts, such as their name, email address, phone number, etc. 

Personalizing emails is an important way to engage your email recipients and increase their responsiveness to your messages. 

Before getting started

Consider what details you will want to use to personalize your emails.

Basic attributes for first name, last name, email address, and SMS (phone number) are automatically created for you and the fields remain blank for each contact until you add this data. 

If you would like to personalize emails with additional attributes, you will need to create these attribute fields in your contact list before they may be inserted into your emails. 

Next, you can import the attribute data for your contacts and/or create a contact form to start collecting this information from new subscribers. 

Once attribute data is available in your contact list (as shown below), you can send emails that include personalization.


Inserting personalization in your email 

When designing your email, you will insert a placeholder that will be automatically replaced by the personalized information for each recipient at the time your email is sent.

The placeholder for a contact attribute is formatted like this: 

{{ contact.ATTRIBUTE }}

All placeholders will contain {{ contact.  }} and you should replace the word ATTRIBUTE with the name of your SendinBlue contact attribute EXACTLY as it appears on your Contacts page in SendinBlue.

We will use the sample contact below to personalize an email with attributes such as the contact's first name, favorite color, account manager at our company, and most recently purchased item. Personalize_subject-example2_EN.png

To insert our contact’s first name, we would insert the placeholder: 

{{ contact.FIRSTNAME }}

because the attribute for first name is spelled exactly as FIRSTNAME in our contact list. 

Good to know: Attribute names are always in CAPS and should never contain spaces or special characters like dashes or underscores _.    

1. Personalizing your email subject line

When creating your email, the subject line is defined in the Setup step. 

You may manually type your contact attribute placeholders in your subject line, like this example.


If the email is sent to the contact on our list,, whose attribute for FIRSTNAME is Matt, then the email subject will appear like this in his inbox: 


2. Personalizing your email "from" name

The email "from" name is also defined in the Setup step and is designed to help your recipient quickly recognize you as the sender. 

For example, if your company assigns an account manager to each contact on your list, you may wish to insert this person's name as the sender who the email is "from" rather than inserting your company's name.

You may manually type your contact attribute placeholders in your "from" name field, like this example.


When the email is sent to our sample contact,, whose attribute for ACCOUNTMGR is Bruce Banner, then the email will appear like this in his inbox: 


3. Personalizing your email content 

We recommend creating your emails in the Drag & Drop Editor in the Design step of campaign creation. In addition to automatically making your emails responsive (adaptive to any screen size), your emails may be personalized with contact attributes in two clicks! 

You may manually type your attribute placeholders, or cick on the Personalize dropdown menu and select the attribute you wish to insert in your content. 


Now, it's easy to personalize your email in just a moment: 

Inserting personalization in the Rich Text or Paste Your Code editors

If you prefer to create your emails in the Rich Text or Paste Your Code editors, you may manually add personalization as described above. 

Testing your email personalization

On the Confirmation step screen, you may review all contact attribute placeholders added to your email, including those in the "from" name and subject. 

You can test your email personalization by clicking on Send a test.


In the received test, our sample contact received this perfectly personalized email!


Further reading