Inserting a dynamic list in the Drag & Drop Editor (Classic)

To use this feature, your default settings must be set to use the Sendinblue Template Language. Reference this guide to check or update your settings. 


The dynamic list option lets you design and format email templates and campaigns that contain placeholders for a list of items that will be populated dynamically: 

  • at the time the email is sent,
  • containing list items that are specific to each email recipient, 
  • and containing a number of items that may vary between recipients.

This is especially helpful when you want to insert a list that may vary in length from recipient to recipient, such as a receipt email template or an RSS campaign.

Inserting a dynamic list

Let's consider the example of an online t-shirt store. In our example, we'll create an email receipt template that will function without knowing, in advance, the number of t-shirts in the orders.


In the Drag & Drop Editor, select your desired block that may hold text content. Within the body of the text, input the placeholders for the items you will insert in list form.

Then, click the pencil icon to edit the settings for the design block and enable the dynamic list option. In the open fields, input the name of the parameter and variable you will pass to your email campaign or template. 



Good to know: This option is powered by the FOR tag available in the New Template Language. To learn more about this functionality, check out this overview guide

If you are unfamiliar with the elements in a FOR tag, this color-coded reference may help you correctly place each element in your email campaign or template. 


In the example above, we passed the following in our API v3 call to send a transactional email and populated the placeholders with this content. 


Saving your email

Email design blocks containing dynamic content, such as dynamic lists or display conditions are marked with a code symbol in the top-left corner of the block.


When saving your email campaign or template, the icon will turn red if a dynamic content option is enabled but is missing required information.


To correct it, simply complete the empty fields and save again.