Enabling the New Template Language

What is the New Template Language? 

The New Template Language enables many powerful email features including enhanced email personalization. With the New Template Language enabled, your Drag & Drop Editor will include options to dynamically display email content specific to each recipient and more! 

The New Template Language provides a standardized, common structure for creating efficient templates and powerful design options. This includes predefined placeholders (called "variables") for inserting content like contact attributes and transactional parameters, which are different than the placeholders used by the Old Template Language.  

Enabling the New Template Language will give you access to the latest features when you create new emails. Even after it's enabled as the default for your account, your existing templates built with our Old Template Language will continue to function as they were designed. You may choose to individually update your older templates to use the New Template Language. The simple conversion process is described in this guide.

Good to know: All new SendinBlue accounts automatically use the New Template Language. Only legacy users (accounts created before October 1, 2018) may update their default settings following the steps below.

Enable the New Template Language 

If you are currently using the Old Template Language, you will be prompted to switch the first time you create a new campaign or email template using the Drag & Drop Editor:


If you dismiss the banner and reminders without switching, you may update your default Template Language selection anytime in your Campaign Default Settings.

In your account, click on Campaigns in the top navigation, Settings in the left navigation, then on Default Settings (or navigate to this page: https://my.sendinblue.com/advanced/config). 

Here you may switch your selection to the New Template Language.


Discovering the New Template Language

Now that you have enabled the powerful New Template Language, it's time to explore it by creating a new email campaign or email template! 

Start by discovering how to display specific content to your recipients based on their contact attributes or transactional parameters, such as a personalized title, text, or image. These are called Display Conditions - learn more in this helpful guide


You may also insert a dynamic list of content, such as purchased or recommended products, into your email campaigns or transactional emails by using the new Dynamic Lists feature - learn more in this guide

If your existing email templates use the Old Template Language, you may update them to use the New Template Language the next time you open the template to edit its content as shown in this guide.