Understanding the different versions of the form builder

To give you more options and features, SendinBlue has launched a new version of its Sign-up Form Builder.  

The new form builder has a sleek, new design and facilitates easy editing by dragging and dropping form design blocks and fields. Forms created with the new builder are responsive by default and you can preview how your forms will look on a mobile device.

Use the Sign-up Form Builder to:

  • Create responsive sign-up forms.
  • Add opt-in confirmation to your forms to be compliant with GDPR.
  • Add images and dividers to your forms.
  • Add formatting and alignment to a form's title, text, buttons, and images.
  • Configure invisible captcha.
  • Customize alert messages' content, style, alignment, font color, borders, etc.
  • Redirect subscribers to a confirmation page after form submission.

Learn how to create a new form in this guide

How do I switch to the latest version?

Activate the new form builder by clicking upgrade link on your Forms listing. Once the new forms tool is activated, you may not switch back to create a new form with the old tool.


You automatically use the latest version when you create a new subscription (or unsubscription) form rather than editing an existing one.

Good to know: Existing forms created in earlier versions of the form builder cannot be migrated to the new version of the Responsive Form Builder. Existing forms will be managed and edited in the version used to create the form.