🎥 Landing page webinars [video]

Landing pages are essential components of any marketing campaign. They are designed to receive a specific audience of visitors from your ad, email and other campaigns, and guide your audience to the next step in your marketing funnel. 

To learn more about landing pages, explore these resources for getting started: 


Landing Pages 101: Building Successful Pages

If you would like to watch a landing page created live, check out this webinar hosted by a landing page conversion expert where you will learn: 

- why and when to use a landing page
- how to write landing page content for your specific audience
- how to create a page from a template (or scratch) using the SendinBlue drag & drop landing page builder

Webinar length: 48 minutes


Landing Pages 201: Driving Conversions

In this webinar co-hosted by conversion and marketing experts, learn how to incorporate custom landing pages into your ad campaign, event promotion, and more use cases:

- build a landing page funnel (ad landing page, registration page & thank you page)
- grow and automatically segment your email list
- send targeted follow-ups using automation

Webinar length: 59 minutes

Webinar resources: