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Creating a GDPR-compliant subscription form

This article explains how to create GDPR-compliant subscription forms for collecting emails. To see the steps you should follow to reconfirm your contacts' consent, click here.

Before you start

Your subscription form should:

  • be explicit about the type of data collected and the reason why it is collected. If data is to be used for different purposes, specific consent is required for each one (newsletter, automation, etc.)
  • include a link to your privacy policy detailing how data is processed
  • add a mandatory checkbox to submit the form 

The multi-list subscription feature enables you to create GDPR-compliant forms.

1. Identifying your data usage

If you want to ask your future contacts' for consent to send them promotional emails and emails based on the use of their data, then you need to create three different lists:

  • A subscription list which will be linked to the form and will contain all contacts who have submitted the form. Here, we have called it the “GDPR - all email contacts”
  • A “promotional emails” list
  • An “emails based on my data” list


Note that the names given to your “promotional emails” and “emails based on my data” lists will be visible on the sign-up forms.

2. Creating your form

Follow the tutorial Adding multi-list subscriptions to your forms to create your form.

Under the “label name”, we recommend you explicitly ask for your contacts for consent. For example, “I agree to receive:”


Then select the “promotional emails” list and click on Add.

Repeat the same step to add the “emails based on my data use” list.


We recommend you select “Required fields”: your contact will have to check a box to submit the form.


Click on Add.


At the bottom of the page, select the “GDPR - all email contacts” subscription list.


Click on Save.

From now on, your form will add all new contacts to the “GDPR - all email contacts” list and the lists based on their choices.

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