Manually blacklist a contact

blacklisted contact is one that is excluded from receiving your campaigns.

SendinBlue will blacklist contacts automatically if: 

  • they have unsubscribed from your messages
  • they have marked your emails as SPAM
  • an email to the contact resulted in a hard bounce 

You may also blacklist contacts manually or import a list of contacts to add to your blacklist

Manually blacklist a contact

To add one or multiple contacts to your blacklist, navigate to the Contacts page inside your SendinBlue account.

Locate the contact(s) you wish to blacklist and check the box to the left of each contact.

Once the desired contact(s) are selected, click on the Action drop-down menu, select Add to blacklist, and you will be asked to confirm the action. 

Now, the blacklisted contact(s) will no longer receive your campaigns. 


All blacklisted contacts will appear in red with a symbol to the left of the email address, like the example above. 

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