Manage sub-pages within your landing page

In this tutorial, we'll help you manage the pages of your landing page.

Good to know: Landing pages are available for Premium plans and above.

On the left sidebar of the page builder, click on the Manage pages

By default, an index and a thank you page are created.

To create a multi-page landing page, add a new page by clicking on the button + CREATE A BLANK PAGE.


1. To switch to a different page and edit its content, click on the pencil.

2. To duplicate a page, click on the paper sheets.

3. To delete a page, click on the bin. A warning ‘This will permanently delete the page. Do you want to continue?’ will be displayed.

4. To edit settings of a page, click on the gear.

  • Page Name allows you to rename your page. Note that index page cannot be renamed.
  • SEO Description can be customized to fit your needs.