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Manage sub-pages within your landing page

In this tutorial, we'll help you manage the sub-pages of your landing page.

💡 Good to know
Landing pages are available for Premium and Enterprise plans.

Add a new blank page

  1. On the left sidebar of the page builder, click Pages
    By default, an index and a thank you page are created.
  2. To create a multi-page landing page, add a new page by clicking on the button + CREATE A BLANK PAGE.


Settings of a sub-page

  1. To switch to a different page and edit its content, click on the pencil.
  2. To edit settings of a page, click on the gear.
  3. To duplicate a page, click on the paper sheets.
  4. To delete a page, click on the bin.
    A warning "This will permanently delete the page. Do you want to continue?" will be displayed.
❗️ Important
You cannot edit a new page until you've set up all the elements in your main page. You might receive errors explaining what field to fill before editing your new page.

Linking your pages together

When you create these 3 elements, you'll have the choice to link to a page in this funnel using:

  • Buttons
  • Form redirection options
  • Double Opt-in options

This is how you can link your pages together.

⏩ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

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