Host your landing page on your domain


In this tutorial, we'll help you learn how to host your landing page on a custom domain or on a subdomain.

If you are just getting started with landing pages, feel free to have a look at our series of articles on how to create your first landing page.

We offer detailed tutorials for some of the most common web providers. Feel free to take a look:

Good to know: Landing pages are available for Premium plans and above.

Launch your page

Go to the Launch page and confirm that your landing page is published.kbuD31hzEgU3PAqNNaRpxSCprAgVvfQMLL8BHsKz4iyj7StCQTYCGbfWVJEfZHsEltGQOZkmNo3bRAscvdMJFeHtlPobOpa_Io0Qwyqnmzac3eA7IPt4j8VIs444Xa2YXJ1T3efk.png

Click on the Custom Domains tab and insert the URL where you want your landing page to be visible.  

We recommend that you use your main domain name and create a subdomain dedicated to hosting your landing pages. Be as transparent as possible, for example

Good to know: Follow this guide to learn more about managing sub-pages within your multi-page landing page. 


After entering the URL, click on Connect. From here you will be provided with step by step instructions to set up with your domain registrar.

Step 1 - Log into your hosting provider

Once you are logged in, go to the DNS management page.

Step 2 - Create two new DNS records

You need to create two records as shown below.

  • A TXT record for @ with the value displayed on your SendinBlue account
  • A CNAME record for (custom domain) with as a value


Step 3 - Verify DNS propagation

Once you have created your TXT and CNAME record, your modifications will be applied immediately on the DNS zone. Please remember that the propagation time can take up to 72 hours.

On your SendinBlue account, return to step 3 and click on Check TXT Record.

You will be redirected to a website that allows you to check your DNS propagation. Your landing page is live on your URL once you see green check marks on this page.


Step 4 - Verify 

Once the DNS records have propagated, click on Verify.

You should see the message "Successfully connected your domain" and the domain name will be displayed as shown below.

To unlink the domain, click on the bin.