Share your landing page on Facebook


In this tutorial, we'll help you edit Facebook settings before sharing your landing page.

If you are just getting started with landing pages, feel free to follow our tutorial on how to create your first landing page.

Good to know: Landing pages are available for Premium plans and above.

At Step 3 - Launch of your landing page creation and click on the Facebook Sharing tab.

Customize your share settings

You can edit:

  • Title: Choose your title.
  • URL: If you leave this field empty, by default, the URL of your landing page will be shared. Note that if you change the URL to a different one, then the image cannot be customized.
  • Description: Type your description.

To change the image that is displayed, click on ADD AN IMAGE.

On Facebook, it will appear as below.

Save your settings

To save your changes, click on REPUBLISH.

save image

To update the new image, click on Opengraph Debugger.

A new tab will open up and in there insert the URL of your landing page and click Debug for the latest changes to take effect.


If the changes are not taken into account, click on Scrape again.

Share on Facebook

Click on the share button. Then on the Facebook button to share your landing page on Facebook.

A pop up will open with your Facebook account for you to post.