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What is a landing page?

We've created a series of articles to help you build your landing pages. 

💡 Good to know
Landing pages are available for Premium and Enterprise plans.

A landing page is a single page where a visitor "lands" following a click on a marketing call-to-action (CTA). It could be a pay-per-click ad (Google Ads for example), a post on social media, a banner, or an email marketing campaign.

When creating your landing page, always keep in mind that it is a targeted page intended to guide a visitor to “convert” (take a desired action).

Since a landing page is more focused on conversion than other pages, such as your homepage, keep it simple and concise so that a visitor or lead can take your desired action.

How to use landing pages

To create an effective landing page, start by asking yourself: “what is the goal of this landing page?”.

Let’s review two common goals and use cases of landing pages:

Lead generation landing page

Goal: capture visitor information in a form

If you want to capture a visitor’s information, you can design a landing page that integrates a form as the call-to-action (CTA). Your new lead will automatically be added to your Sendinblue contact list.

In addition, you can set up a Marketing Automation workflow to follow up with your new leads.


Promotional landing page

Goal: receive click-throughs from an email campaign and drive action

Designing a specific landing page for each of your marketing actions or campaigns can help increase the conversion rate. 

Recipients who click on your email campaign CTA button can be redirected to a landing page that promotes a specific product, a discount, a download (e-book, application, etc.), a giveaway etc. 

The CTA for this landing page is typically a button.


Tips for creating an effective landing page

  • A "Call-to-Action" that stands out.
  • Think about the shopping or discovery “funnel” that your leads will go through. This is the set of experiences, actions or steps that your landing page visitors have already and will go through on their way to converting. To be effective, it should be an easy, intuitive, coherent process.
  • Use a similar graphic design and writing style throughout your funnel, including on the landing page, so visitors/leads easily understand where they are.
  • Get to the point by using a clear layout with a short format.
  • Test it: your landing page should display quickly and without any content or loading errors. Keep it simple.

How to use landing pages in Sendinblue

We'll guide you through all the steps to create your landing page. 

The landing page editor lets you create targeted landing pages that automatically fit the screen size of the device displaying them. No HTML knowledge is needed.

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