Retargeting Campaign Website Guidelines

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Please note that the Retargeting Ads feature is being deprecated and will be removed from Sendinblue as of March 15, 2021. You will still be able to view your old Retargeting campaign reports until March 30, 2021.

When your Retargeting ad campaign is reviewed, your website will also be reviewed to ensure that it will meet our partner websites expectations.

Please be aware of these website guidelines:

Fully functional website 

Your website must be fully constructed and functional before you can start your campaign. Ads that link to landing pages that say "coming soon"/"under construction" etc, will not be approved.

All navigation links should be functional and lead to active pages. Pages that are incomplete or blank may be grounds for disapproval.

For the most part, your website should also not contain spelling or grammatical errors.

Website is easily understood

Transparency with your users is a requirement. You should be clearly and accurately explaining your product or service offering to users. You will also need to have an explicit terms of engagement, a complete privacy policy, an about us section, and business contact information.

You should use the "mission statement" test: visitors should be able to summarize the purpose of your site through the information available on your landing page or main page without needing to submit personal information.

Provides added value

You will need to consider the following:

  • Is the primary content of your website owned by you? (this includes sponsored content)
  • If you collect content from third parties: does it provide additional value that the original content provider doesn't?
  • Does your website clearly communicate the added value to your visitors?

Content aggregation sites may use retargeting campaigns if they follow these guidelines. 

Stand by your claims

All of your content should be accurate, informative and up to date. Your claims should be easily verifiable, and if a warranty or guarantee is offered, the terms of the agreement should be clearly labeled. 

Websites should not use tactics to falsely enhance reputation or misrepresent offerings. This includes:

  • Staged reviews or testimonials
  • Inaccurate claims of certification
  • Fake endorsement
  • Misleading or unclear terms of use

As with ad content, your website content should be appropriate for all ages. No adult or mature concepts should be on your site.

Spam tactics

These are tactics which are used to distract your visitors without providing value to your content. Some examples of what is considered spam tactics:

  • Excessive use of punctuation, fonts or font formatting
  • Strategies which interfere with browser functionality
  • Strategies which mimic system functions
  • Websites that prompt additional software be downloaded in order to display elements
  • The use of spyware or malware
Malware is prohibited

Content which is deemed malicious or tries to bypass the ad review process is not eligible for display. 

Malware is any type of software in which the purpose is designed to harm, infiltrate or damage a computer. Anything that may access sensitive information without the consent of the user is prohibited. This includes virus, worm, spyware, adware, or trojan.

Please be aware: cryptocurrency mining which uses browser CPU from unsuspecting website visitors is prohibited.


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