Retargeting Ads Content Guidelines

❗️ Important
Please note that the Retargeting Ads feature is being deprecated and will be removed from Sendinblue as of March 15, 2021. You will still be able to view your old Retargeting campaign reports until March 30, 2021.

Before your Retargeting campaign can be displayed online, it will be reviewed and approved (learn more). There are certain guidelines your ad content must follow in order to be displayed. 

Before getting started

Retargeting campaigns are reviewed by our partner, Adroll. Ads will be viewed across a variety of websites which share common ad content guidelines. To ensure that your campaigns can be displayed, certain guidelines must be respected. 

Good to know: Each campaign you create will be reviewed, not only the first campaign. Reviews can take up to 72 hours.

Ad content guidelines

Adult Content

Content in your ads must be appropriate for all ages. Any content related to nudity, graphic language or adult concepts will not be accepted. 


Ads cannot display alcohol or alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, websites where the core product is alcohol or where alcohol is an offered service are not eligible for display.

If the website does not sell alcohol or it is a small part of the business offering, be sure not to include content which could be interpreted as alcohol in the content. Banners and any related landing pages should not link to alcohol-related content.

Venues or events which are legally allowed to sell alcohol, but are not promoting it, can be promoted under the condition that they do not display alcohol or alcohol-related activities and the banners are age appropriate.

Body Images

In addition to adult content: displays of nudity (implied or explicit), unnecessary skin exposure or cleavage, or tactics to solicit a sexual response will be rejected.

Additionally: content which implies ideal or undesirable body images (e.g. Before and After pictures), images that imply unlikely results or draw unnecessary attention to body parts will not be accepted. Content will be reviewed to ensure it does not have any unlikely or unverifiable claims. Please avoid using language such as "Are you fat?" or "Balding?"

For Lingerie/Hosiery: these can be promoted as store offerings and presentation so long as the presentation is tasteful, and your website follows the appropriate guidelines.

Brand Notification

The ad should give a clear understanding of the content of the website and what you are advertising. The brand shown in the ad must be the same as on the website.

Shock Value

Images that are intentionally designed to shock or scare, or that are visually disturbing or gory will not be accepted.

Spam Tactics

These include tactics that are meant to purposefully mislead a visitor, for example:

  • Imitating a computer function (system warnings, progress bars, virus warnings, etc.)
  • Mimicking the functions of other types of media (e.g. an embedded video)
  • Initiating prompts to download files or software after a click

Strobing and Flashing

Ads that are overly distracting for the user from the actual page content, including ads with strobing lights or flashing backgrounds, are prohibited.

Toubon Law

As of France's 1994 Toubon Law, ads in France must only be in French or include a French translation. This applies to ads shown on any French IP address, as well as on .fr domains. When advertising to French clients, ensure that the ad content is in the French language.

Violence and Weapons

Content must be family friendly; pictures of guns, firearms or violence will not be accepted. 

Personally Targeted Messaging 

Retargeting is a highly sensitive form of advertising, and user privacy is of utmost importance. While audience can be decided based on the behavior of a customer, messages implying specific knowledge of an individual's personal information or circumstance will not be approved.


Design guidelines

When designing ads, please also consider these guidelines: 

  • Animated ads are restricted to 30 seconds maximum at a frame rate of 15-20 fps, and must come to a complete stop at that point. You are permitted to give the viewer the option to restart the animation.
  • You can track campaign analytics with UTM tracking codes, but you are not permitted to use redirection URLs. 
  • Banners cannot directly link to a payment processor. Visitors must be able to view the terms of the offer before sign-up or payment. 
  • The destination cannot be a YouTube video. 

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