Identify & remove flagged contacts

Searching for flagged contacts

To identify flagged contacts, go to the Contacts tab and click the blue Advanced Search & Segmentation button to reveal all search options. 

Choose Flagged contacts from the drop-down menu and choose which type of contacts you wish to search for: AllReview in-progress or Declined.


Once selected, contacts may be managed by choosing an Action or Export option. 


Two types of flagged contacts

1. Flagged status: Review in-progress

If you import a large number of new email addresses, relative to the size of your current contact list, they may be flagged for review before you may contact them via SendinBlue.

You will receive a notification offering you the option to continue with the import and contact review or to cancel and import a smaller list. 


These new contacts will only appear in your total Contacts count after you choose to continue the import. 

Once imported, flagged contacts are assigned the status Review in-progress and they will appear in gray on your contact list. 


A member of the SendinBlue Customer Care team will review these contacts promptly and email you to request more information about the list. Once contacts are reviewed, they will be able to receive an email campaign via SendinBlue. 

2. Flagged status: Declined 

When new reviewed contacts receive their first campaign via SendinBlue, their engagement level is monitored. If their open and/or click rates indicate that they did not recently or directly opt-in to your emails, they are assigned the status Declined

Declined contacts may not be messaged again via SendinBlue without additional list maintenance.

If you wish to continue using some of the Declined contacts in SendinBlue, they must be Deleted Permanently and re-imported. 

Note: Please use caution and only import contacts that are 100% recently opt-in contacts. If new contact imports repeatedly result in Declined lists, your account may incur further review or be permanently invalidated. 

Managing Declined contacts

While contacts have a Declined status, they may not be contacted via SendinBlue. We recommend removing them from your account by choosing the action to permanently delete them. 

You may wish to first export these contacts for further maintenance.

If you would like to try contacting only the most recent subscribers again via SendinBlue, please optimize the contact list and then import your revised list.