Adding a Bcc recipient to emails sent via Automation

SendinBlue allows you to add a Bcc recipient to the emails you send to your contacts. This means you can inform your sales team about a new prospect and keep up-to-date with your contacts’ activities. This option is available directly in "Send an email":


There are two ways you can set up the blind copy:

  • Send a blind copy to one or more predefined addresses: simply enter the address(es) separated by a comma in the field provided.


  • Send a blind copy to one or more addresses specific to each contact: here you just need to select the contact attribute which contains the address(es) to be used for the contact.

BCC_3_EN BCC_3bis_EN

Note: only "text" parameters can be used. Also, if you want to include several email addresses, remember to separate them with a comma (",") in the contact attribute provided.

You can also check in the workflow logs that the blind copy has been sent, in the variable "bcc_email":


Some uses:

  • keeping your sales team up-to-date by sending the emails received by your contacts directly to their inbox
  • knowing when a contact has subscribed to a list in real time