Finding your email headers

An email header contains vital information about the recipient, the origin of the email and other technical details. Depending on which tool you use, email headers are located in the email source code (comprising the email header and HTML code) or in a separate location. Here is an example of a header (originating from Gmail):


Our customer support team may need the email header to answer your questions (for example, if you have a deliverability problem).

How do you find your email headers?

Every email service is different. To find the email header, we suggest you consult the help pages of the most popular ones:

If you use another email service, here is the complete list available at MXToolbox:

  1. Outlook 2003
  2. Outlook 2007
  3. Outlook 2010
  4. Outlook Express
  5. Outlook 97
  6. Outlook 98
  7. Outlook 2000
  8. Outlook 2002
  9. Microsoft Exchange
  10. Zimbra
  11. Entourage
  12. Mac OS X Mail
  13. Outlook Express for Macintosh
  14. Gmail (works for Google Apps as well)
  15. Yahoo!
  16. AOL
  17. Hotmail
  18. Eudora
  19. Netscape, Mozilla or Thunderbird
  20. Lotus Notes
  21. Pine
  22. XtraMail
  23. Pegasus Mail
  24. Claris Emailer
  25. Mail Warrior
  26. Juno
  27. Novell Groupwise