Add your new OptinMonster subscribers to SendinBlue

OptinMonster is an online program that helps you to generate more subscribers using advanced subscription forms, with the option of carrying out A/B testing. Connect OptinMonster with SendinBlue to automatically add all your new OptinMonster subscribers to SendinBlue.

Integrating OptinMonster with SendinBlue

Go to OptinMonster and select the "Integrations" tab.


Select SendinBlue from the list of email providers.


You then have to paste in the SendinBlue API key. To retrieve this API key, go to the SMTP & API tab in your SendinBlue account or click here to access it directly. Copy the SendinBlue API key. Go back to OptinMonster and paste in the API key, then click on the button "Connect with SendinBlue".


You then have to select the SendinBlue contact list to which you will add the new OptinMonster subscribers. If you want to add your contacts to a new list, go to SendinBlue and create a new list.


And that’s it! Your OptinMonster contacts will now automatically be added to your chosen SendinBlue contact list.