6 reasons to embrace Marketing Automation

Everybody’s talking about Marketing Automation, drip marketing and trigger marketing. But what do they do? Do they have a tangible impact on your business? Are they only for large corporations? Or particular business sectors?

We’re going to take a look at how much you have to gain by embracing Marketing Automation, no matter what the size of your company or its specialist field.

1. Save time

Marketing Automation can automate marketing activities that you currently do manually. Often these activities are time consuming. For example, do you sometimes send follow-up emails to your new website subscribers? This takes time and you probably don’t do it in a systematic way.

Marketing Automation uses automated workflows to take this type of task off your hands. In the example above, you just have to create a workflow to send a follow-up email to any new user who subscribed in the last 30 days. You create a follow-up email template which will be sent automatically and that’s it!

The time that can be saved by using Marketing Automation is substantial. The more of these simple workflows you create, the more you benefit from economies of scale.

2. Save money

Now you know that the key to successful Marketing Automation is automating part of your marketing strategy. With automated workflows you can put in place an effective prospect activation strategy, using custom workflows to encourage prospects to become purchasers.

As a result, you will optimize your conversion funnel and improve your prospect conversion rate. With Marketing Automation you can turn your most qualified prospects into purchasers, encourage new prospects to browse your products and services, and increase the average size of your loyal customers’ baskets. All it takes is a few automated workflows to significantly boost your revenue!  

3. Become more efficient

Marketing Automation also helps you to increase the reactivity of your contact lists. On average, Marketing Automation will increase your open rate by 71% and reactivity rate (number of people who click on a link in your email after opening it) by 152% in comparison with traditional newsletters. 6-reasons-use-marketing-automation-EN-1

Creating personalized customer journeys will make your communications more relevant and your contacts will therefore be more likely to open and click in your emails. For example, if a contact visits page A and a few days later receives a special offer or tip related to that page, the open rate will be much higher than a traditional newsletter covering all of your products/services.

4. Understand your target better

Marketing Automation helps you to better understand the tastes and preferences of your contacts and tailor your communications accordingly. More specifically, you can upload behavioral data that will enable you to create special offers/services that your contacts will appreciate, as well as ascertaining their level of interest in your website or solution.

You can identify your most qualified prospects using dynamic scoring (lead scoring) based on their activities. For example, if a contact subscribes to your newsletter, you can increase their score by 1. If they click on a link in your email, you can increase their score by 5 and if they make a purchase, you can increase it by 10. This allows you to identify your most qualified prospects and customers.

Lead scoring helps you to implement more targeted marketing strategies. For example, you can follow up with contacts who are becoming less active or reward your best customers and turn them into brand ambassadors.  

5. Boost interaction with your contacts

Marketing Automation enables you to contact your customers at the right time in their customer journey. For example, you can contact new prospects via email and qualify them, interacting with them when they are at their "hottest". By definition, a "hot" prospect is one that is ready to meet your objective (e.g. buy a product on an e-commerce website or sign up for a service). When you know that your prospect has shown an interest in your product or service, you can interact with them to take the final step and make a purchase.

You can also personalize your emails to send the right content to the right person. For example, you can contact your users about their favorite products or complementary ones when they are at their "hottest".


6. Improve the customer experience

Marketing Automation is a great way to create loyal users. Quite simply, you can create custom workflows to help your new prospects take their first steps. By helping your customers, you improve their customer experience and increase the number of satisfied users who could become your website ambassadors.  

Marketing Automation is a way to take your marketing and customer relationship to the next level.When every ROI point counts, automating and optimizing your activities becomes essential.

You haven’t tried it out yet? Get started with our workflow templates and instantly boost the profitability of your marketing activities!