Advanced users: introduction to Marketing Automation

Sendinblue Automation is Sendinblue’s new Marketing Automation solution.

How does it work? Build custom scenarios to send reminders to customers and prospects and communicate with them more effectively without the need for prior installation. Set up a series of targeted emails and SMS based on your contacts' behavior. Here are some examples of scenarios:

  • Welcome scenario: send a series of emails after a subscription or purchase.
  • Anniversary date: send a special offer to your users on their birthday or on the anniversary of the date they subscribed to your website.
  • Lead activation: send a series of emails based on the behavior of your website users and their reaction to your emails.
  • Abandoned basket: send a reminder to potential customers after X days of them adding an item to their basket without ordering it.

Here is the data which is automatically uploaded to Sendinblue:

  • Email data upload (without any prior installation): Sendinblue Automation is fully integrated into your email and transactional email (SMTP) campaigns. More specifically, you can use your email openings and clicks to launch a scenario or add a condition. There is no installation to worry about – everything is automatically uploaded to Sendinblue Automation.
  • Contact profile data upload (without any prior installation): all the contact attributes you have by default or have added to Sendinblue can be used in your scenarios. For example, you can segment within a scenario based on a category or date.
  • Behavioral data from your website (installation on your website): you can set up workflows based on behavioral data from your website of your contacts. By installing the Sendinblue Tracker, you can track the pages visited by identified contacts
    • The tracker records all of your website visitors via a cookie.
    • The actions of your website users are then recorded by Sendinblue Automation if the visitor is identified as a Sendinblue contact. The actions of users who are not identified as Sendinblue contacts are not recorded.
    • The aim is to identify your contact, which can be managed using the "call identify" function.
    • If you want to go further, you can also set up a complete tagging system including custom events (track events) to launch a scenario based on a particular action.

We suggest that you browse the features and options of this new solution before getting started.

A powerful tool for advanced Marketing Automation users

Creating workflows

Sendinblue Automation is designed to meet everybody’s needs. Start off with preset workflows and customize them according to your needs for an advanced communication strategy. There are two types of workflow available: preset workflow templates and advanced (custom) workflows.

intro-MA-beginner-EN-2 You can also use custom workflows to build a workflow to suit your requirements. These workflows enable you to define your own entry points, actions and conditions.


To take it even further, check out our B2B website case study and take advantage of the behavioral data available by using a tagging plan to send messages after your contacts have undertaken specific actions.

Increase the value of your behavioral data

Introduction-MA-1 You can also upload data from your website, as we offer 3 types of website tracking:

  • tracker
  • call identify
  • track events

The uploaded data can be used to factor your visitors’ behavior into your workflows! Read our API documentation to find out how to integrate custom events into your website. We support a number of different languages including php, Python and Java. To go further still, we explain how the data is uploaded to Sendinblue.

Accessing key statistics

Thanks to the comprehensive, real-time statistics available on your sent messages and scenario entries and exits, you can constantly improve your communication strategy.