Beginners: introduction to Marketing Automation

Sendinblue Automation is Sendinblue’s new Marketing Automation solution. With this solution you can send a series of emails or SMS once a prospect has signed up, a customer has made a purchase, etc. You can also follow up with your newsletter openers and clickers, etc. Using this solution you can very easily design customer journeys that are tailored to your activities:

  • Send a series of emails after a newsletter subscription
  • Send a special offer on a contact's birthday
  • Send a series of emails following a purchase
  • Automatically interact with your newsletter openers and clickers


How does it work? Build custom scenarios to send reminders to customers and prospects and communicate with them more effectively without the need for prior installation. Set up a series of targeted emails and SMS based on your contacts’ behavior. The data is automatically uploaded to Sendinblue without the need for any prior installation:

  • Uploaded email data: follow up with your Sendinblue email openers and clickers. No need to install anything – all the data is automatically uploaded to Sendinblue Automation.
  • Uploaded contact profile data: use attributes to segment your contacts by country, by age, etc. All your default contact attributes and the ones you have added to Sendinblue can be used in your workflows.

You can go even further by using on-site events to customize your communications. You can then start your workflows with a page visit.
For example, if a contact has visited a product in the "Shoes" category of your ecommerce website, you can add them to the "Interested in Shoes” list and then send them targeted newsletters or promotions a few days after their page visit. All you have to do is install the Sendinblue Tracker – the installation only takes a few minutes. Now let’s look at the features and capabilities of Sendinblue Automation.

Getting started with Sendinblue Automation

Creating workflows using our preset templates

You can start by using preset workflows, where you will be shown how to build the most effective workflows step by step. Start with a subscription workflow that sends a welcome message to newly-subscribed contacts, then customize it to suit your needs by adding conditions such as the contact’s age or location.

intro-MA-beginner-EN-2 We can recommend a couple of features that will get you off to a good start:

  • Workflow library: Sendinblue offers flexible workflow templates suitable for any company. You can use them to quickly and effectively build a series of actions. For example, you can send a series of emails following a subscription or purchase, follow up with your contacts after they have opened a newsletter, etc.
  • Testing a workflow: to make sure you have understood how Marketing Automation works, use a test email address to test your first workflow.

Segmenting your contacts in the workflows

Because so much useful data is uploaded – email clicks and opens, additions to lists, page visits, etc. – you can easily specify who you want to contact and when.

Accessing key statistics

Thanks to the comprehensive, real-time statistics available on your sent messages and scenario entries and exits, you can constantly improve your communication strategy.