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Integrating Thrive Leads with SendinBlue

Integrate SendinBlue with Thrive Leads 

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add subscription forms to your website to increase the list of subscribers to your newsletter. Connecting Thrive Leads (Thrive Themes) to SendinBlue will allow you to:

  1. Automatically add all the new contacts subscribed via your Thrive Leads subscription forms to a SendinBlue contacts list
  2. Send all your Thrive Leads emails via SendinBlue. You can then view all your email statistics (subscription confirmations, etc.), resend emails, etc.

1. Adding your new Thrive Leads contacts to SendinBlue

This is a very simple three-step process:

1.1 Connecting SendinBlue to Thrive Leads

  • Go to your Thrive Dashboard plugin in WordPress


  • In the API Connections box, click on “Manage Connection”.

ThriveThemes api connection

  • In the “Add new Connection” cell, click on “Select an app”.

ThriveThemes select an app

  • Select SendinBlue from the dropdown list.

ThriveThemes list SB

Clés API

  • Click on “CONNECT”

ThriveThemes connect 1

  • Then click on “DONE”.

ThriveThemes connect

SendinBlue is now connected to Thrive Leads! Now you just need to connect SendinBlue to your chosen subscription forms.

1.2 Connecting SendinBlue to your Thrive subscription forms

Now you have to connect SendinBlue to your Thrive subscription forms so that your new subscribers are automatically added to SendinBlue.

  • Go to your Thrive Leads form editor, click on your form and select “Connect with service”.

ThriveThemesn ThriveThemes editing a form

  • Select API as the connection type, then click on “Go to the next step”.

ThriveThemes connection type

  • Select SendinBlue from the first dropdown list, then select the list to which you will add your new contacts.

ThriveThemes select list

  • Click on “Save” and you're all done!

Important note: mapping the attributes between Thrive Leads and SendinBlue is not possible. Only the email address of your contacts will be synchronized in the selected list.

2. Sending all your Thrive Leads emails via SendinBlue

To send transactional emails from Thrive Leads through SendinBlue, in the previously created connexion, check "Yes" and "Connect".


And that's it! Now your Thrive Leads emails will automatically be sent via SendinBlue. You can also view all of your email statistics. Go to this tutorial to find out more about email statistics reports.

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