Using Marketing Automation to welcome your new contacts

You can use SendinBlue’s Marketing Automation to very easily create workflows and customize them to suit. Here we will show you a very simple but important workflow in the customer journey: the welcome workflow. It all starts with the subscription of a new contact. This contact will be uploaded to SendinBlue via a SendinBlue subscription form, API, etc. Once the subscription is complete, the email address is uploaded to SendinBlue and added to a contacts list. Now it’s time to communicate with this new contact. For example, we’d like to send an email to a new website subscriber. Here are the 3 steps in this workflow:

  1. A contact is added to a list
  2. Wait 5 minutes
  3. Send an email to this new user

Starting your welcome workflow

Now we’ll see how to create a workflow using a template: the welcome message. Click on "Create a new workflow" on the Workflows tab, then select the template "Welcome Message".

inscription_workflow_EN_1 The entry point – the action undertaken by your users to enter a scenario – is being added to a list. As soon as a contact is added to the selected list, they enter the workflow. There are 3 ways to automatically add a contact to a list:

  • If you are using our module for Prestashop, WordPress or Magento, you select the list to which your new contacts will be added. You can also upload your new contacts to a list via API.
  • Another way of uploading contacts to a list is by using SendinBlue subscription forms. Then every time a user completes the subscription form on your website, they are added to the preselected list in SendinBlue.

Select the list to which your new contacts will be added. Let’s assume that the list is called "Newsletter Subscribers".


Set a delay between being added to a list and sending the email

In this workflow template, you can add a delay. This delay will depend on the content of your email. For example, if you want to send a subscription confirmation email, we suggest you do not add a delay. However, if you decide to send an email summarizing your products/services, we recommend that you do add a delay. This will give the user time to browse your website before receiving your message a few minutes later. Here, we have chosen to add a 5-minute delay to tempt users with special offers and promotions after some of them have left the website.


Sending a welcome email to your new contacts

Once the delay is up, the next step in the welcome workflow is to send an email. This email is one of the first messages your new contact will receive, so we suggest a general email outlining your products and/or services. To create this email, you just need to go to the SendinBlue Campaigns platform, select the Campaigns tab and click on "SMTP Templates". You can then create a new campaign using our Responsive Design editor, or you can use the preset templates to create the welcome email.

inscription_workflow_EN_4 Note: don’t forget to activate your email template by clicking on "Save and Activate" when you have finished. inscription_workflow_EN_7 Once your welcome email is complete, you can just return to your welcome workflow and select the email template from the list of Automation emails.


Finish your workflow by clicking on the "Finish" button. inscription_workflow_EN_8 Your workflow will be activated automatically and you can then access the workflow editor. Your new contacts will now enter your welcome workflow.