Create your first trigger marketing campaign

Note: Trigger Marketing campaigns have been replaced by SendinBlue Automation. Our marketing automation tools enable you to easily create personalized, multi-step campaigns (called "workflows") to communicate with your customers and prospects. Learn more about Automation here


A Trigger Marketing campaign is sent daily to all contacts who have completed a specific action (joined your site, placed an order, etc.) or scenario. You'll start by defining a standard action that should trigger the sending of the email, then build the trigger marketing campaign that they will receive. Once activated, every day SendinBlue will identify contacts who have completed the action you specified and your email will be sent to these contacts. You won't need to manage or reschedule your trigger campaign once it is activated. For example: when associated with a subscription form, a trigger campaign can serve as a confirmation or welcome email  to all new subscribers. Or, it can be used to remind some of your contacts that they have not finished all the stages of their registration or purchase. To create a Trigger Marketing campaign, go to the "Campaigns" tab, then to the "Trigger Marketing" tab, and then click the button "Create a trigger marketing campaign".


Creating your Trigger Marketing campaign is done in four steps:

Step 1: Configure your campaign settings

Campaign name: Give your campaign a name; it will only be visible to you and is only used for organizing your campaigns. It will not be visible to your recipients.

Subject:The subject line is one of the most important email settings. A good subject line will positively impact your open rates and deliverability (avoiding spam). Choose a subject that clearly describes your email content.

From name: The 'From Name' appears in your recipient's inbox to identify you as the message sender. Its purpose is to build trust with recipients and generate more openings. The default value is the company name provided in your SendinBlue profile [DEFAULT_FROM_NAME]. To change the Default From Name, go to the 'Advanced Settings tab' and modify it in 'Default Settings'.

Sender email: Helps your recipients recognize you as the message sender, so it is just as important as the "From name". The default value is your account email address. Don't forget that you can change the sender email by updating it in this field.

Step 2: Building your email

You can choose between 3 tools to build your email:

  • Responsive Design Builder: Create a mobile-friendly (responsive) email by dragging and dropping text blocks, images, buttons and other design elements to create a beautiful email.
  • HTML/Simple Text Editor: Paste your own HTML or use a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor to design your email.

Create your campaign


Once you have saved and exited the campaign builder, you can preview your email campaign, send test emails, or test the campaign's deliverability. 

Step 3: Choose your recipients

First, choose which option is right for your Trigger Marketing: do you want your contacts to receive the campaign only once, or to be able to receive it multiple times? This option is very useful if, for example, you are sending coupon codes and only your customers to receive one coupon. In this case, you would select "A contact can receive the campaign only once".


After choosing your Trigger conditions, you can choose which contacts will receive your email. You can also add search filters (ex: new customers, etc.) or exclusion lists to further target your audience.   If you want this campaign to trigger after registration, choose the same contact list as chosen for your subscription form.

Step 4: Schedule your campaign

First, choose the first date that the Trigger Marketing campaign will run; this is the Trigger Start Date. Then, choose the time when you would like your campaign to send each day; this is the Daily Schedule Time.


Click on the Validate or Confirm button to finish your trigger campaign. Now, the Trigger Marketing campaign will search for contacts that fit your criteria and will send the email every day at the specified time. By combining your Trigger Marketing with other tools like subscription or unsubscription forms, search filters, exclusion lists, attributes and other personalizations, you can customize this handy tool to effectively automate your marketing efforts.

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Happy Sending!