The Multiple Account Manager

❗️ Important 
Please note that the White Label product is being depreciated and is no longer being offered to new clients.

The Sendinblue Multiple manager is the perfect tool:

  • For enterprise-level companies that wish to manage many Sendinblue accounts under a single parent account,
  • Or for agencies that want to resell our platform with all features included. (Keep in mind that references to Sendinblue may appear in the platform if transactional email or SMS features are activated.)

The Multiple Accounts manager provides one "Parent" account from which you’ll be able to:

  • Add a child account
  • Link one or more IPs to each child account
  • Allocate credits to your child accounts
  • Personalize the platform in the "Theme Manager" tab.

Unlike the White Label solution, you’d also be able to:

  • Access more Sendinblue features (plugins, API, etc.)
  • Manage transactional emails and transactional SMS
  • Set up automation scenarios.

Note: When using the Multiple Account manager, references to Sendinblue may occasionally be visible to your users. If you want to use this tool, we invite you to:

  1. Follow these steps to create a White Label account. 
  1. Then, convert your White Label account to use the Multiple Accounts manager.