Creating a white label account

1/ Creating a link to your child accounts

You will need to complete a number of steps to create your Sendinblue white label account. One of the features of a white label account is that you choose the URL from which your customers will access the routing platform you provide. For this, you need to select a URL to connect to the platform.

Step 1 - Create a personalized URL

Login to your host's client area (OVH, 1&1, etc.) and create your domain or subdomain name. It is vital that this domain or subdomain does not host a website or be linked to your dedicated IP. For example:

Step 2 - Register the CNAME

To be able to access and use our white label platform, you need to register the domain name CNAME.


  • Domain or sub-domain: or
  • Record type: CNAME
  • Target:

Important note: this is not a redirection. No need to change the DNS.



2/ Creating your White Label account

Step 1 - Create a Sendinblue account

There are two possible scenarios:

1- You already have a Sendinblue account

  • You want to keep this account but do not want it to be your white label account. In this case, you just have to create a new Sendinblue account and let us have your new login email by sending an email to
  • You want to convert this account into a white label account. If so, please let us have your login email by sending an email to

2- You do not yet have a Sendinblue account. Go to and create an account, then let us have your login email address by sending an email to

Step 2 - Ask our Agencies department to create your Sendinblue white label account

As outlined above, you need to request a white label account by sending an email to with the following information: Sendinblue email login: Personalized URL: Important reminder: any request to modify your personalized URL once it has been confirmed will incur a processing fee of $200.

3/ Creating your first child accounts

We will send you an email to let you know when the creation of your white label account is complete. Now you can create your customers' child accounts and allocate them credits.

Step 1 - Subscribe to a white label offer

This step is necessary to create your first child account. Login to your main Sendinblue account, then go to the page displaying the offers. Choose one of the white label offers in the reseller tab or in the Special tab if you requested a custom subscription.

Step 2 - Configure your dedicated IP

Once you have subscribed to the offer, you need to configure the dedicated IP provided.

The configuration consists of 2 steps:

1 - Ask the person responsible for managing your website to create a subdomain (or new domain) on your host by referring to one of the first five tutorials on dedicated IPs. The DNS propagation time depends on the host; it can take up to 48 hours.

For your information, it takes 5 minutes for a domain hosted by OVH. Make sure you do not choose the same domain or subdomain name you use to access your child accounts.

2 - Once you have received confirmation that the subdomain is propagated, go to your Sendinblue account to link your domain to your IP.

Step 3 - Create your first child account

Login to your main account: My account > My reseller account.
You can:
• Add a user and complete the child account form
• Link one or more IPs to each child account
• Allocate credits to your child accounts
• Personalize the platform in the "manage themes" tab.

Step 4 - Your first login to a child account

Go to a child account and enter the login/password for the personalized URL, e.g. Now all you have to do is create the sender(s) that the child account can use to send its campaigns.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Agencies team if you have any questions about the set-up or use of white label accounts :)