Creating a White Label account

As a White Label Sendinblue account, you'll be able to:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Place your own logo and color scheme
  • Offer a unique login portal on your domain

If you are interested in this solution, get in touch with our Sales team for a demo here.


In this article, we'll see the steps to set up your White Label account. 

  • Setting up your dedicated IP
  • Creating a custom login URL
  • Requesting activation of your White Label account

Good to know: You'll need to create domains or subdomains on your hosting provider.

1. Configure your dedicated IP

Step 1 - Pick a domain or subdomain to be associated with your dedicated IP

Create a domain or subdomain that will be associated to your dedicated IP. For example: If you have several dedicated IPs, you'll need to create a domain or subdomain per dedicated IP.

⚠️This domain or subdomain cannot host a website or be the same as your custom URL. ⚠️

Step 2 - Create the records

  • Login to your hosting provider (OVH, 1&1, etc.)
  • Create the records on your hosting provider following this tutorial. 
  • The DNS propagation time depends on the hosting provider. It can take up to 48 hours. For your information, it takes 5 minutes for a domain hosted by OVH.
  • Once you have received confirmation that the new domain or subdomain is propagated, go to your Sendinblue account to link your domain to your IP.

2. Create a custom login URL

Step 1 - Pick a custom URL

One of the features of a White Label account is that you choose the URL from which your customers will access the routing platform you provide.

Start by choosing a domain or subdomain name. For example, it can be or

⚠️ This domain or subdomain cannot hosts a website or be associated with a dedicated IP. ⚠️

Good to know: Any request to modify your custom URL once it has been confirmed will incur a processing fee of $200.

Step 2 - Create a CNAME record

On your hosting provider, you'll create a new record.

  • Domain or subdomain: or
  • Record type: CNAME
  • Target:

Important note: this is not a redirection. No need to change the DNS.

On the image below, you see an example of the login page that your customers will see. The URL of the page is the personalized URL you have created. Here we have created subdomain


3. Request White Label account activation

If you plan to convert your White Label account to a Multiple Accounts manager, follow these steps before requesting activation from Sendinblue.

When the domain or subdomain is propagated, let your Sendinblue sales representative or account manager know your White Label account is ready to be activated.

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