Importing your Gmail/Google contacts into SendinBlue

Did you know that you can import your Gmail contacts into your SendinBlue account and then automate this import? You just have to follow two simple steps. We are now going to look at how to export a Google Contacts file, then automate this process for new contacts.

1.Importing your Gmail contacts into SendinBlue

1.Log onto your Gmail account at


2. Click on "Gmail" at the top left, then select Contacts.

3. Click on More, then on Export. NB: If you are using the latest version of Google Contacts, a direct export will not be possible. A pop-up will appear so that you can access the old version of Google Contacts. Click to access.


4. Select the contacts you want to export.



5. Export using Google CSV format. Google CSV format can be read in Excel. You will then be able to convert the file and select the fields you need in addition to the Email field. Then convert your Excel file into CSV format. Click here to learn more about converting Excel files into CSV files.

2.Automatically importing your new Gmail contacts into SendinBlue

This step requires a Zapier account.

  1. Create a Zapier account or log onto Zapier.
  2. Click on this link to see the preconfigured Google Contacts and SendinBlue Zap.
  3. Follow these steps to create a new contact in SendinBlue for any new Gmail contacts
    • Log onto your Google account.
    • Log onto your SendinBlue account.
    • Select the SendinBlue list to which you will add any new Google contacts.
    • Click on "Insert fields" and select "Email". If you want to import additional fields, click again on "Insert Fields" and select the fields you need. import-gmail-contacts-2
    • Click on "Save & Finish".
    • You will now be able to test your Zap or activate it directly.

And there you have it! Any new Google contacts will automatically be added to your SendinBlue contacts list.