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Use the Sendinblue WooCommerce Add-On to synchronize your WooCommerce website contacts with your Sendinblue account in real time and send customer emails with enhanced deliverability.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Synchronize customers and orders: the plugin automatically adds your WooCommerce customers to your SendinBlue account and uploads your WooCommerce sales into your SendinBlue account making it possible to segment your contacts based on sales generated. Then create and send email campaigns using an ultra-powerful responsive drag & drop editor.
  • Send transactional emails: optimize the deliverability of your messages (account creation, order confirmation, etc.). Monitor the most important email metrics (delivery, open and click rates) within your WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Send SMS: communicate with your customers across multiple channels, directly from your WooCommerce back office.
  • Set up Marketing Automation workflows: track your shoppers' activity on your website thanks to the Marketing Automation script and recover lost sales thanks to an abandoned cart workflow.

Before getting started

Gather the following information prior to installation and use:

  • SendinBlue account credentials. If you don't have an account, sign up for free.
  • SendinBlue API v3 key. Follow the instructions here to locate your API v3 key.
  • WordPress website admin panel access.

Good to know: To utilize all extension features, please ensure your SendinBlue account has been validated and you are able to send emails from SendinBlue's Campaigns and Transactional platforms.  

1. Installing the module

Install the plugin through the WordPress site’s Plugins page.  Go to “Plugins”, then “Add New”, and search for “WooCommerce SendinBlue”. Select the “WooCommerce - SendinBlue Add-on” and follow the on-screen directions to install it. You can also download the plugin and install the file directly on your server.

Addons - find plugin

2. Activating the module

Next, activate the WooComerce SendinBlue Add-on. Go to “Plugins”, then “Installed Plugins” and select the “Activate” option.

Plugins installed

Finally, go to the WooCommerce tab, then “Settings”, and click on the SendinBlue tab (next to the API tab). Paste your API v3 key (available here) and click Login.


3. Synchronizing your customers

Good to know: Use the SendinBlue email marketing plugin to create a newsletter sign up form directly from your WordPress site.

With the WooCommerce SendinBlue Add-On, you can allow customers to subscribe when they place an order. Simply select “Enable Subscribe” on the “Subscription Options” tab within the SendinBlue Add-On, and choose which event should trigger the subscription:

  • Order Completed
  • Order Created

Then, select the list where your customers will be added to.

You will be able to:

  • Enable a double opt-in subscription process, if desired.
  • Select the double opt-in confirmation Template double opt-in to send. You can also update the template from your SendinBlue online dashboard.
  • Enable the email opt-in field on your WooCommerce checkout page, and edit its label and position on the page.


"Opt-in Checkbox Default Status" allows you to choose the default status of the opt-in checkbox:

  • Checked
  • Unchecked - it should be unchecked to be GDPR compliant

"Opt-in Checkbox Display Location" allows you to choose where to display the checkbox:

  • Under billing info
  • Under order info
  • Under terms and conditions

What data is synchronized?

Check "Enable Match Attributes" to map your WooCommerce contact attributes with your SendinBlue contact attributes.


The following fields will be synchronized by the plugin:

  • Email address - Email of the contact
  • First Name - First name of the contact
  • Last Name - Last name of the contact
  • Company - Company of the contact
  • Address line 1 - Address of the contact
  • Address line 2 - Address of the contact
  • City - City of the contact
  • Postcode / ZIP - Post code of the contact
  • County - Country of the contact
  • Phone - Phone number of the contact

Good to know:  Only WooCommerce default attributes are synchronized by the plugin.

How often are contact(s) and their information synced?

After the initial sync, synchronization will be done in real time.

4. Sending transactional emails

Navigate to the “Email Options” tab to allow SendinBlue to send your WooCommerce emails and select which events trigger an email. Once enabled, all WooCommerce emails will be sent using the SendinBlue SMTP server and your messages will be optimized to reach the inbox! And, you’ll have real-time access to the most important email metrics directly in the WooCommerce SendinBlue Add-On.

Select the triggers for sending emails to your customers as well as the email template used for each:

  • New order
  • Processing order
  • Refunded order
  • Cancelled order
  • Completed order
  • New account
  • Order on-hold
  • Failed order
  • Customer note


Follow your metrics

Navigate to the “General” tab in the SendinBlue Add-On (or to “Statistics” in your SendinBlue account) to review your email report. You will be able to see whether emails were received, opened and clicked, and adjust the time period for your report to review a specific timeframe.

woo statistics

5. Managing SMS

You can configure transactional text messages in the SMS Options tab and select whether to send an SMS confirming the order and/or when the order ships. You can also send a SMS marketing campaign directly from the SendinBlue Add-On within the  "SMS Campaign" tab. Create your campaign and select your desired recipient(s): a single contact, all contacts or only WooCommerce contacts who opted into your campaigns during checkout.


Once sent, you can review your SMS campaign report from your SendinBlue online reporting dashboard.

6. Setting up Marketing Automation workflows

Good to know: Make sure that the Marketing Automation feature is enabled on the Apps page of your Sendinblue account.

Navigate to the “Marketing Automation” tab in the SendinBlue Add-On to enable Marketing Automation on your website. You'll be able to:

  • track your contacts' activity on your website in just one click.
  • easily set up an abandoned cart workflow to recover lost sales.


Once the tracking is enabled, you will find the following logs in your SendinBlue account under Automation > Logs > Event logs:

  • Page
  • Identify
  • Track events

The plugin will automatically pass 3 track events that can be used to create abandoned cart or post-purchase automation workflows:

  • cart_updated is passed when an item is added to a cart.
  • cart_deleted is passed when a cart is emptied.
  • order_completed is passed when the order has been made.


Good to know: A customer has to be identified by their email address to trigger a workflow i.e. a customer who has logged into their account on your WooCommerce storeor has created an account during checkout.

What's next?

Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to reach our support team at support@sendinblue.com.