🎥 Manage a pool of dedicated IPs

If you have at least two dedicated IPs, this is called having a pool of dedicated IPs and you can manage the volume of emails sent from each IP. If you have a sender linked to multiple IPs, you can assign a "weight" to each IP, which will determine the percentage of emails sent from each.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to creating and managing an IP pool.

Actively managing the weight of your IPs can help you improve their sending reputation. For example, you can "warm up" a new IP in your pool by first assigning it a lower weight (compared to your other IPs) and then gradually increasing its weight over time as it becomes recognized and trusted by ISPs. The weighting is carried out directly in the sender configuration.


By default, this weighting is divided between each IP selected. If you only select one IP, the weighting will automatically be 100%. If you check a second IP, the default allocation will be 50% for each of the two IPs. The total of all of the IPs must equal 100%. For example, if you have 2 IPs and you update their weights to: 

  • First IP: 75
  • Second IP: 25

The first IP will send most of your emails; specifically, 75% of the emails will be sent from this IP and 25% from the second. To change the weighting of an IP, you just need to click on the "Manage" button opposite the sender you wish to modify, then on "Edit". In the pop-up that appears, select your chosen weighting and click on "Save".

Pool_EN_2 Pool_EN_3