🎥 Best practices for managing your dedicated IP

Thanks for upgrading your Sendinblue account by adding a dedicated IP!

Optimize the use of your dedicated IP with these tips. Following these recommendations will positively impact your deliverability.

1) Confirm that your IP is configured correctly

Visit https://account.sendinblue.com/senders/manage-ip while logged into your Sendinblue account to manage your IP. On this page you can:

  • verify that your dedicated IP is active,
  • check your sender score and sender base information.


2) Respect and improve your sending reputation

Your deliverability (ability to reach recipients' inboxes) primarily depends on your reputation with the ISPs who provide inboxes, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. This "reputation" is the general level of trust granted by ISPs. ISPs can either help or hinder your ability to send email campaigns. This general reputation is a combination of two more specific reputations: those of your IP and your sender domain.

Sendinblue only offers "fresh" dedicated IPs, which have a neutral reputation. The domain or subdomain that you have linked to your dedicated IP is usually already "known" or recognized by ISPs.

Several elements have a crucial effect on your reputation level:

a. Complaints

When your recipients click on "Mark as SPAM", a complaint is recorded by ISPs and shared with Sendinblue. These complaints have a negative impact on your reputation. The maximum level of complaints tolerated by an ISP is 0.1%.  Some ISPs provide information on the origin of these complaints (who marked your email as spam). In this case, Sendinblue automatically blacklists these addresses and you can view a complete list on your Sendinblue "Contacts" dashboard.

b. Hard Bounces

Hard bounces result when emails are sent to addresses that no longer exist or that never existed. ISPs judge the quality of your contact list by the volume of hard bounces. If your emails result in a significant volume of hard bounces, this often indicates you are using an obsolete database, or worse, one containing automatically generated emails. 

c. Spam Traps (a.k.a. "Honeypots")

Spam traps are false email addresses used by ISPs to detect spammers. These addresses are intentionally created by ISPs, or are very old, non-active addresses recovered by ISPs. When ISPs detect a campaign sent to a spam trap address, they assume the  campaign was sent to non opt-in contacts and the email is classified as spam. As a result, your IP may be blacklisted. You can monitor your reputation directly from your Sendinblue account. We include a reputation meter that is influenced by two IP reputation quality indicators: Sender Score (edited by Return Path) and Sender Base (edited by Cisco). The index in this reputation meter can change between 0 to 100, depending on these different indicators. A good reputation score is considered to be an index of 80 or better.

Watch this video to learn more about monitoring your IP's reputation.

If you experience issues with your IP's reputation, it’s important to proactively resolve them.

Your IP address may be reported to independent blacklists, like Spamhaus, if is suspected of sending spam emails. Start by checking for email notifications from these blacklists. If further action is needed to remove your IP from a blacklist, follow the instructions they provide carefully.

You may also receive notifications from Sendinblue’s customer care team with instructions for improving your performance.

Once you have corrected any issues, it’s important to maintain low spam complaint rates. Sending targeted emails to only 100% opt-in contact lists is the best way to build a positive sending reputation.

3) Clean your contact list

As indicated in tips #1 and #2, it is extremely important to maintain a clean and up-to-date contact database. Sendinblue helps you automatically clean your database to maintain a good list. Our platform automatically blacklists contacts who:

  • unsubscribe from your emails
  • result in a hard bounces
  • mark your email as spam

While helpful, this is not enough! It is also important that you sort and segment your contact list(s) to send targeted campaigns to relevant groups of contacts. 

Have a question? Contact our support team for assistance!