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Example step 1 for Amen: Delegating your subdomain

If you buy a SendinBlue dedicated IP, you need to link this IP with a domain name or subdomain. We recommend that you use your main domain name and create a dedicated subdomain for sending emails. The success of your emailing strategy is dependent upon building trust with your recipients. You should therefore be as transparent as possible, for example: If it is not possible to delegate a subdomain you can buy a domain name (at or, for instance). The domain name you buy MUST contain the name of your website, e.g. 1. Tutorial for delegating a subdomain with Amen.

1. Login to your Amen account.

2. Once you are logged into your Amen account, you will see a list of your domain names (as shown below)

Compte client - Amen

3. Click on the domain name (in this case: and a page will be displayed as shown below.

Menu relatif au nom de domaine- Amen

4. Select the icon "Domain and DNS" and you should see the following page:

Menu pour configurer les DNS – Amen

5. Next, click on the link "DNS configuration". You should be taken to the following page: Configuration DNS – Amen

6. Select the "Advanced management" tab and add the two entries shown below (you need to replace by your subdomain) and save. NB: Don't forget the dot at the end of your subdomain. Our two DNS are:

Ajout des DNS – Amen

7. Finally, click on Confirm to save your two new entries and you should now be able to see them on your DNS configuration page (as shown below)

Confirmation d’ajout des deux entrées – Amen

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