Creating conditions using number and date attributes

Conditions for personalizing your messages can be done through the several types of attributes. In a previous tutorial we learned how to use text attributes. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use "number" and "date" attributes.

Formatting your conditions

Conditions keep the same format: {IF, title of attribute,=, value of the attribute}{Text to insert}//{Text to insert if the condition is false} For conditions using number and date attributes, you can also add these additional conditions: >= and <=

When the attribute is a "Number":

<=   means "less than" >=   means "greater than"   For example: {IF,CHILDREN,>=,3}{Big Family}//{Little Family} stands for: "If the number of children is 3 or more, write 'Big Family' if not write 'Little Family'."

When the attribute is a "Date":

<=   means  "before" >=   means  "after"

Use these programming phrases to build your date conditions:

NOW(-X)   means "It has been X days." (X would be replaced by a number.) dd/mm/yyyy   Use this format for writing specific dates. For example: {IF,SUBSCRIPTION,>=,NOW(-30)}{new client}//{client} This phrase stands for: "If the subscription was done 30 or more days ago, write "new client".  If not, write "client"." {IF,MODEL_DATE,<=,31/12/2012}{the previous model}//{the new model} This phrase stands for: "If the model used was made on or before December 31, 2012, then write "the previous model". If not, write "the new model".

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