How to test your email campaign

After creating your campaign, you might be curious about how it will appear to your recipients once it's received. SendinBlue makes it easy to send test emails, test inbox delivery to certain email providers, and preview how your email will look on lots of different devices.

1. Sending a Test Email

Our test email feature allows you to send a test (or multiple tests) to your desired test recipient(s). Once you're finished designing your campaign (but before moving onto step three of the campaign creation process), you should notice a text field at the bottom of the screen.

To send to a single email address, enter your test recipient's email into the "Send a Test" field and click the paper airplane icon. Note that any email address entered into the "Send a Test" field must be included in your SendinBlue contact database. Don't worry -- if you enter an address that's not already in your database, SendinBlue will prompt you to automatically add it to your contacts before sending. To send a test to your SendinBlue test list, simply press the next button, "Send a Test to your Test list"


2. Inbox Testing

The next option (one tab over) is to "Start an Inbox test". The inbox test function is a predictive tool to provide you with the most likely delivery of your email campaign based each provider's protocols. 


3. Browser Preview

The third tab contains the final tool for checking your campaign prior to sending, "Browser Preview". This tool does exactly what you'd expect and allows you to preview how your email may appear on when viewed on various devices, screen sizes and mail providers.