Modify default header and footer of your campaign

There are two ways to customize your header and footer.

1. How to modify your Default Header and Footer

You can modify the wording of your Default header and footer by going to the Settings tab

and then to "Default Settings".


Under the field [DEFAULT_HEADER], you can enter the new sentence that you want to use as Default, put in "curly brackets" the words that you want to make clickable.
For example: "Click {here} if you are having trouble viewing this email" and "Click {here} to unsubscribe".


Your new text will be the one displayed by default in all your emails.

2. How to customize the Header and Footer for a single Campaign

If you wish to, you can customize the header for a single campaign. To do this you must adjust the "Advance settings" in Step 1 for that campaign creation. Go to the Default Header section and replace the field with the text you want to use for this campaign. Include in "curly brackets" the text that you want to make clickable.





Your new text will only be displayed for this campaign. Your next campaign will have the Default fields, but you can always modify and customize them.

Send us an email if you have any questions or problems.