Insert default header and footer to your campaign

The header and the footer are some of the most important sections of your email.

The header is also referred to as the "Mirror Link", this is a link that recipients can click if they have trouble viewing your email on their email client. Then there is the footer, which is also known as the "Link to the Unsubscribe Page", this is the section of the page that recipients click if they want to stop receiving your emails. It is vital that both of these links work properly before sending your campaign.


There are different ways for adding the header and footer depending on the campaign builder tool that you use.

1. If using any SendinBlue design tool

At Step 1 of the "Campaign Creation", click on "Advanced settings",


You can choose either to use your default text or write a custom text for displaying on your header and footer. If you want to use custom text, type in your new text with the text you want clickable inside curly brackets. You can also change the Default Settings  in "Advanced Settings".



2. If you are using your own HTML code

If you are using one of HTML editors, you can more personalize the header and footer (for example, the color, the location, the font ...). First, go in Step 1 of the "Campaign Creation". Then click on "Advanced Settings", and you should erase the content in "Default Header" and "Default Footer". Erasing the content in these fields will prevent SendinBlue from automatically adding these sections that could interfere with your code.




Now, in step 2 of Campaign Creation, you must add on your HTML code the header and footer by using <a href="{{ mirror }}">XXX</a> and <a href="{{ unsubscribe }}">YYY</a> where the text XXX and YYY are the clickable links.

Good to know: To use this feature, your default settings must be set to use the SendinBlue Template Language. Reference this guide to check or update your settings.

Note: In order for SendinBlue to automatically add unsubscribers to the blacklist, you must use SendinBlue’s own unsubscribe form. You can personalize the unsubscribe page.

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