Personalize your emails

Personalizing emails is a positive way to engage your subscribers and increase responses. With SendinBlue, you may use contact attributes to customize your campaigns and send personalized messages to each subscriber. Personalizations may be added in the subject line, recipient field, or content of the email.

For example, it's possible to insert the full name of your recipients in their email, or add a customized greeting in the subject or content of your email. To create your own personalizations, you can use the existing contact attributes (such as name) or create new attributes in your Advanced Settings. To update your attributes, click the "Gear Icon" in the top right corner of your account. From the Advanced Settings page, select "Contact Attributes & CRM" and add your desired fields.

Adding Personalizations

a.    First, we will explain how to add custom tags in the recipient field (TO FIELD).  After completing the step above to add your desired attributes, you can create a new campaign.
In Step 1 – Campaign Settings, at the bottom, you´ll see the option "Personalize the TO Field".
You have to check this option, and insert [NAME] (or another field that has been previously created in your Contact attributes & CRM settings.) * Please note that personalization attributes must be inside "brackets".

b.    How to add custom values in the subject of your email. 

This option is also available in Step 1 - Campaign Settings where you'll see the  "Subject" field. For example, you may add your recipient's name in the subject line. By adding the phrase "Hello {NAME}" in your email subject, this will become "Hello Michelle" when received by your recipient.

c.   How to add custom values in the content of your email.  This option is available in the second step of the campaign creation (Create your email). When you are editing your email, you just need to write "Hello {NAME}" in the content, and insert the attribute in capital letters inside "curly brackets".

Example: "Hello {NAME}", would become "Hello Michelle".  Ready to go further with personalizations? Try using conditions.

Need help getting started?

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