Example 2: order confirmation

This is the most typical email automation workflow for online merchants. It simply involves automatically sending an email when a purchase has been made via a "custom event".

1. Start by creating a new workflow

Click on the button "Create a new workflow", then enter a name to easily identify it on the platform and a description if required. Checking the box "Allow contacts to enter this workflow multiple times" means that contacts can complete this workflow more than once.

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2. Create a "Start Point"

You need to create a start point for each workflow. Click on Click here to select a "First Start Point". In this instance, we want the workflow to start from a particular event that you have configured on your website, i.e. an order confirmation.

Click on "Another event happens", which is the function that allows you to specify a "track event" as the entry point:

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Next, select the value of this new pre-configured event and click on "OK": 

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You have now created your start point and need to create a step.

3. Click on the "+" icon to "Add a step in your automation":

There are a number of options available:

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The one we need here is "Send an email to the contact". You can then select the email that will be automatically sent to your contact, or you can create a new one.

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NB: To send a specific email template to a particular type of customer, you can add conditions based on your different attributes (see conditions) or wait for a specified period (1 hr after purchase, 10 minutes, etc.) by adding the function "Wait for or until" or "If / Else conditions".


Once your conditions have been added (optional), activate the workflow by clicking on "Activate".

You can view all of our tutorials and posts to help you create your automation strategy, then click on "Done" to close the workflow.

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That's it, your workflow has been activated and an email will automatically be sent as soon as an order is placed!