Example 1: Following up from a contact form

This very effective workflow allows you to easily segment and exchange with prospects/visitors who leave their email address on one of your forms.

This tutorial explains how you can use an entry in a form to automatically add contacts to a specific list, send them an email of your choice, wait a few days and then send them an SMS or email if they make a purchase on your website (after subscribing using the form).

In this example, we are going to wait two days after the form is completed and apply an "IF" condition to a specific event that you will have previously configured (click here for more information on custom events). If the contact purchased a product, they will receive an SMS or an email. You can easily personalize the message based on the source of the purchase (the completed form) and if the condition is not met (specific IF event is negative), you can send them an email (a 'white paper' in this example).

1. Start by creating a new workflow

Click on "Create a new workflow" as shown below:

Enter a workflow name so you can easily find it on the platform, and a description if required. By checking "Allow contacts to enter this workflow multiple times", contacts will be able to complete this workflow more than once.

2. Create an "Entry Point"

You need to create an entry point for every workflow. Click on "Click to add a first entry point".

Next, click on "A contact submits a form".

Select your form (or create one) and confirm by clicking on "OK". Your entry point has been created and you now need to create a step.

3. Click on the "+" icon to "Add a step in your automation":

There are a number of possible options:


NB: To send a specific email template to a particular type of customer, you can add conditions based on your different attributes (see conditions) or wait for a specified period (1 hr after purchase, 10 minutes, etc.) by adding the function "Wait for or until" or "If/Else conditions".

What we need here is "Add the contact to a list". You can select one of your existing lists or create a new one. Then click on "OK" to confirm.

You can then automatically send a confirmation email immediately after the form has been completed by adding a new step. For this, click on "Send an email to the contact". You can then select the email template that will automatically be sent to the contact or create a new one:

In this example, we are going to add a new step using the function "Wait for or until":

Here we enter "2 days" to show that the workflow must wait two days before moving onto the next step:

4. Add a new step by selecting "Add a step in your automation":

Click on "+" again to add the condition "If/Else conditions".

The section "JS/API Event" lists all of the events that you have configured on your site (see Track Events). You just need to select the one you need. In this instance we will select the event "Orderincomplete" that we created as an example for a completed purchase with the rule "exists", which means that the event "Orderincomplete" did actually occur.

Now click on "OK" to confirm your selection. Two trees are then created in your workflow: "Yes" and "No", showing the direction that your contact will take based on whether the workflow condition is positive or negative:

On the "Yes" branch, add a new action by clicking on the "+" button, then clicking on "Send an SMS to the contact". Now personalize the sender and message content to confirm:

On the "No" branch, you can add another action if required by clicking on "Send an email to a contact". Select an existing template or create a new one and confirm by clicking on "OK"

That's it, your workflow has been activated and your emails will be sent automatically as soon as the conditions are met!

You will find all of the tutorials and useful information in the Help section. Click on "Done" to close the workflow.