Manage your transactional email unsubscriptions

Your transactional email recipients can unsubscribe from all emails sent by a particular sender. It's easy to enable this feature - simply follow these steps to add an unsubscribe link into your transactional email template(s).

1. Overview

Recipients who click the unsubscribe link in a transactional email will automatically be unsubscribed from all future transactional emails sent by that sender.

Note: This recipient will still be able to receive transactional emails sent by another sender within the same SendinBlue account. For example, if a recipient unsubscribes to stop receiving emails from "", they can still receive transactional emails from "".

2. Creating unsubscription links

Go to the "Campaigns" > "SMTP Templates" to create or edit the email template where you would like to add the unsubscribe link.

2.1 Unsubscribe links in the Responsive Design Builder

Emails created in the Responsive Design Builder will automatically contain an unsubscribe link in the footer. If desired, you can update the link text seen by your recipients. 


2.2 Unsubscribe links in the HTML Editor

When creating emails in the HTML Editor, you will need to add this tag:[UNSUBSCRIBE] within a link tag (<a>). For example: <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE]">Unsubscribe here</a>

3. Reporting and re-subscribing a contact

You can see metrics for unsubscriptions within your transactional email dashboard



Go the "Statistics" tab to see metrics for your all unsubscriptions or visit the "Logs" tab to see details for your unsubscribers (they will have the label "Unsubscribed").

SendinBlue Transactional-screenshot

You can also see a list of all blocked contacts and the related email senders. Go to the "Settings" tab and view "Blocked Contacts".


If necessary, you can re-subscribe a contact to receive messages from a sender by simply clicking on "Subscribe This Contact".