Managing list-based unsubscriptions

If your business requires the ability to manage unsubscriptions for individual lists (rather than the account level), we can enable a special feature for your account. This feature allows email recipients to unsubscribe from specific email lists instead of an entire database.

1. How does it work? 

Let's pretend you're an agency and are managing email marketing for two clients in the same SendinBlue account... we'll get creative and call these clients: "Client A" and "Client B". Next, you've organized their contacts into two equally creative contact lists: "Client A Contacts" and "Client B Contacts".

If Mr. Smith is a contact for both Client A and Client B, his email address will be in both lists. When Mr. Smith receives a campaign from Client A and clicks "unsubscribe", he will only unsubscribe from the "Client A Contacts" list. However, he will still receive campaigns from Client B when they send an email to the "Client B Contacts" list.

2.Where can I see the unsubscribed contacts?

Go to your "Contacts" dashboard and then click "Advanced Search & Segmentation" to search for the unsubscribed contacts.  Select the "EMAIL Multi-Unsubscribers" option from the dropdown list, select your list, and click "Search".


3. How do the unsubscribed contacts appear in your account?

Here is an example of a contact record for someone who has unsubscribed from Client A's contact list, but not from Client B's list.


Tip: When creating your campaign, you can segment an existing list during Step 3 of the campaign creation process.