Search for contacts

SendinBlue's Advanced Search and Segmentation tool is one the most powerful and useful tools. Use it to identify contacts based on multiple criteria, create new lists from your search, and extract user information.

In this article we will explore SendinBlue's search engine and how to make the most of it.

1. Accessing the Search Engine

You can access the search engine via the "Contacts" tab.

2. Selecting a contact list

You can search on all of your contacts or only within a specific list. Use the drop-down menu at the top left to set your preference.


3. Add your search criteria

Click on "Advanced Segmentation & Segmentation" to open the search engine.

Now you can choose from the following search criteria:

  • Contact Attributes: Email, Name, Last Name, etc.
  • Sent: corresponds to the email addresses to which you have sent a certain campaign, or all of the campaigns on a particular date, or the entire timeframe
  • Delivered: corresponds to the email addresses which have actually received a certain campaign, or all of the campaigns, on a particular date or the entire timeframe
  • Readers (or Non readers): includes the recipients who opened (or did not open) a certain campaign, or all of the campaigns on a particular date, or the entire timeframe
  • Clickers: the recipients who clicked in a certain campaign, or in all of the campaigns on a particular date, or the entire timeframe
  • Date Added: date when you added a contact to SendinBlue
  • Bounces: You can distinguish soft bounces from hard bounces (see below). You can also refine your search by selecting a particular campaign or all campaigns, on a specific date or the entire period

As a reminder, bounces are error messages returned to our servers when they cannot be delivered. There are two kinds of bounces:

      • Softs Bounces - Caused by a temporary problem and your future campaigns will be sent to these recipients. (ex: the recipient’s server is unavailable or his inbox is full)
      • Hard Bounces - This is a permanent problem. These recipients will be automatically blacklisted and will no longer be sent your messages. (ex: non-existent address or blocked email address)
  • List: search the contacts included (or excluded) from a particular list
  • Category: includes the tags you have previously configured (For more information about tags, click here)
  • Blacklisted: view contacts who can no longer receive your campaigns. Contacts may be blacklisted for several reasons:
      • complaint (your contact has reported your email as SPAM)
      • unsubscription (your contact has asked to unsubscribe from your messages)
      • unsubscribed by admin (you have blocked this contact)
      • hard bounce

4. AND/OR conditions

You can enter dependent or independent conditions, or combine the two.

This feature allows you to search for recipients who opened your campaign with Gmail or Hotmail email addresses.

5. Options

You can create or use a search filter. To learn more about search filters, click here.

6. Using your segmented contacts

Once your search is complete, you can select contacts from the research and take various actions:

      • copy them to an existing list (Click here for more information)
      • create a new list with the search results (Click here for more information)
      • blacklist contacts
      • export contacts immediately or with an automatic daily export


Have a question? Email us you have any questions or issues.