Create and use a test list

Want to send test emails during the creation of your campaign?

A test list can be created to send test emails to a list of contacts who will be able to receive, preview, validate the design and content of your email before the actual launch.

1. Creating the Test List

To begin creating your test list, click Settings from the Campaigns page of your account.


Then select Set up under "Test List".


In the field, enter the email addresses that you want to use for testing emails. Add only one email address per line, pressing Enter on your keyboard each time you would like to add another email address.

Important: Before an email can be added to your test list, it must be added as a contact.


When you are done adding email addresses, click Save at the top right.

2. Using the Test List

You can send test emails to your Test list during the design step of campaign creation, Step 2. Click Send a test.


Then, you can chose to send a test email to a specific contact or to your whole Test List.


Use this test functionality to review your emails, and make changes until everything is looking and working the way you wanted.

Send us an email if you have any questions or problems.