Build contact lists for your SMS campaigns

Before sending a campaign, you must first create a contact list. Here you will find a general tutorial on creating a list.

In this guide, we focus on how to create contact lists for your SMS campaigns. For an SMS campaign contact list to be valid, you must ensure that your contacts' telephone numbers are included in the SMS field.

Your file must be in .csv or .txt format. You do not have to include the country code (e.g. +1 for the United States) in the file. Additionally, the digits in the number must not be separated by any special characters.

Good to know: You may not include phone numbers for multiple countries within the same contact file. Instead, create one SMS contact list file per country.

For example, separate the telephone numbers beginning with +1 (United States) and the ones beginning with +49 (Germany) into 2 files. When you do an import, you will be asked to select a single country code.



SendinBlue identifies each of your contacts by their email address. If your file does not contain an EMAIL field, we will create a fictitious email address during the import. This fictitious email address will not be usable but will be unique for each contact. It will follow the format

For example, the fictitious email address assigned to the telephone number 0018882223333 will be If you find out the email address of your SMS contact at a later date, you can always replace the fictitious email address we created with the real one.