Build contacts lists for your email marketing campaigns

In order to successfully import a file with your list of contacts, it is important that you prepare your file with the right format. The following rules are considered as the standard way to format your file for importing it into your SendinBlue account.

If you want to make a file containing a SMS list, follow our tutorial: Creating a list for your SMS campaigns.

1. Heading

Add a proper heading in the first row of your file. For the email column, the best name is "EMAIL"; for other columns, write the title of the column as the name of the attribute it contains (ex. MOBILE).

2. Separators

Avoid using a blank "space" as a separator as the importer will ignore "spaces". Instead, separate each value by a semicolon ;, comma , or tab       .

Not specifying a delimiter will result in an upload failure and will display the error “The separating character between fields is missing or erroneous. Please separate each value with a comma or semicolon”.


3. Attribute Names

It is not possible to put special characters as or with the attribute name. However, if any of your headings contain a special character, the import wizard will not stop you from uploading it and will force you to choose a different name for that heading on the next page: "Attributes Mapping".

4. Upload Limit

We do not accept files that are over 250M. If you try to upload a file over 250M, you will get an error message "File upload limit is 250M, please split your file into small files and try the upload again".

5. File Extensions

We only accept files with the following extensions .txt or .csv (the .csv extension is offered when you use Microsoft Excel).

To properly import data containing special characters, make sure to save your data as a .TXT or .CSV ("comma delimited" or "comma separated value") file type.

6. Other Cases

In case you couldn't manage to import your contacts:

a. Check that your browser is Chrome or Firefox.

b. Save your file as a UTF 8: Select the file that contains your contacts and right click, select "Open with", then "Notepad". Click on "File" and select "Save as".  Add the .CSV extension to your file name. For "Type" choose "All files" and in "Encoding" choose "UTF-8" then save.

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