How does blacklisting work in SendinBlue Automation?

SendinBlue Automation sends its emails via the Transactional platform.

Managing blacklisted contacts in email or SMS marketing campaigns is completely separate from managing blacklisted contacts in Marketing Automation workflows.

To only include non-blacklisted contacts from your marketing campaigns in your workflows, we recommend you proceed as follows: 

1. Go to the "Contacts" page and select the blacklisted emails by clicking on advanced segmentation/Blacklisted emails/Yes.


2. Next, create a filter to match this search criterion.


3. Next, go back to your workflows and add "A contact matches a filter" If/Else condition and select the new filter that only matches your blacklisted contacts.

Continue your workflow in the If/Else condition "No" branch.


To learn more about using filters in your workflows, you can read this article.  


To see your blacklisted contacts in SendinBlue Automation, go to the Transactional platform. On the "Settings" tab select "See Blocked Contacts"

You will see the list of blocked contacts along with the reason and the sender.