Why have my contacts not been added to a workflow?

If you have created a workflow and your contacts have not been added, this could be for a number of reasons:

  • The contact does not meet the criteria at the workflow entry point
  • The contact has not undertaken any action that would require entering the workflow (e.g. not opened an email or bought a product on your website)
  • The contact was added to SendinBlue via a large import of contacts

  With regard to the latter, if your starting point was "A contact is added to a list" and you then imported a large number of contacts, it is possible that they did not enter your workflow.

Adding contacts to a workflow via an import is limited. Your contacts will be imported correctly into SendinBlue, but will not be added to the workflow. In fact, SendinBlue Automation is used to create custom workflows based on the behavior of your contacts. It is not designed for mass emailing, which can be done via our Campaigns platform.