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[Classic design] 🎥 Where can I view the list of blacklisted contacts (unsubscribed addresses, complaints, hard bounces) of a campaign?

blacklisted contact is a contact that is excluded from receiving your campaigns due to certain reasons. Check out our article What is a blacklisted contact? to learn more about why a contact can be blacklisted.

You can also learn more about blacklisted contacts with this video:

In Sendinblue, you can get a comprehensive list of blacklisted contacts of a campaign and know the reason for their blacklisting:

  • complaint (your contact has reported your email as SPAM)
  • unsubscription (your contact has asked to unsubscribe from your messages)
  • hard bounce (ex: non-existent address or blocked email address)
  • unsubscribed by admin: you have blocked this contact

Get the list of blacklisted contacts

  1. To view the list of blacklisted contacts of a campaign, go to the Contacts tab.
  2. Click Advanced Search & Segmentation to start the search process.
  3. From the drop-down box, select Blacklisted.
  4. Select Yes.
  5. Select the reason for blacklisting.
    The following drop-down boxes are additional filters where you can select more values to refine your search or choose to ignore.
  6. Click Search to view the results under the search box.

Export the list of blacklisted contacts

You can export the contacts from your search by selecting them and choosing Export from the drop-down box.


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